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Referral Procedure

Local Union #41, IBEW

Referral Operating Procedure

This procedure will become effective June 1, 2012.

Registrants who are on the “Available for Work List” at the time of implementation shall retain their position on the appropriate lists so long as they continue to remain current under the new procedure. 

Section 1 – Registration/Re-registration

1.          Applicants for employment with IBEW, Local Union #41 referral system must make original registration in person at the Local Union Office between 8:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. on normal business days (Monday through Friday, except holidays).

2.          Applicants shall be assigned to the highest priority group for which they qualify within the appropriate classification(s) and placed on the appropriate list(s) in chronological order determined by the date and time of original registration.

3.          Applicants who wish to be considered for “specialty” calls (i.e. welding, instrumentation, etc.) MUST register their specialties with the referral agent.  Anyone not so registered shall not be considered for such calls.  Proof of qualification for specialty may be required.

4.          In order to maintain their position on the referral lists, registrants must re-register and confirm their availability for employment beginning on the 10th and ending on the 16th of each month thereafter.  Failure to re-register during this period shall cause removal from the “List(s)” at the start of business on the 17th of the month.  If removed, an applicant’s original list position shall be forfeited and a new, original, in person registration will be required to once again be considered an applicant for employment.

5.          Re-signs may be accomplished:

a)       In person

b)       Fax

c)       E-Mailed to:

d)       By U.S. Mail to:   Local #41, I.B.E.W.

                               Attn:  Greg Inglut

                               S-3546 California Road

                                      Orchard Park, NY  14127

6.     Information to be included on re-sign is (please print):

a)  Name

b)  Address

c)  Card Number & Local Union Number

d)  Current Phone Number (include cell phone number)

e)  E-Mail address (if desired)

Section 2 – Dispatch/Job Assignments

1.          Normal dispatch hours shall be between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. on regular business days.  Registrants for employment shall be responsible to make themselves available for job assignments during these hours.

2.          It is the Business Manager’s responsibility to fill employer manpower requests in a timely fashion.  Therefore, in an emergency, calls may be filled outside of normal dispatch hours by whatever means necessary to meet this obligation.  When calls are made outside of normal dispatch hours, a refusal will not be assessed for a non-response.

3.          When there are employer manpower requests to be filled, the referral agent will contact registrants registered on the “Available for Work List” by phone between 8:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. daily.  The calls will be made in chronological order based on original registration date by priority group number, and will be made to the phone number listed on file by the registrant.  Should a registrant’s phone number be changed, it is the registrant’s responsibility to notify the referral agent of said change, in writing.

4.       Being unavailable for referral when work would have been offered to the registrant shall be considered a turn down.

5.          Registrants without a phone will be considered unavailable unless they are at the referral office during dispatch hours for in-person contact with the referral agent when a job assignment would have been offered.

6.          Referral slips must be picked up at Local #41’s business office prior to reporting for a job assignment unless otherwise instructed by the referral agent.

7.          Any registrant for employment who is referred to a job assignment and is refused by the employer shall, upon re-registration in person, be restored to the position on the “List” which he/she held prior to the job assignment.  Documentation may be required.

8.          Anyone who receives two (2) discharges for just cause within a twelve (12) month period is suspended from future referral privileges until they appear before the Appeals Committee for a determination as to their continued eligibility for referral.

9.          The Appeals Committee is composed of one (1) member appointed by the Union and one (1) member appointed by the employer association and a public member appointed by both these members.

Section 3 – Refusals

1.          Registrants on the "Available to Work List" will be allowed two (2) job assignment turn downs (refusals) without penalty.  Any registrant receiving a third turn down (refusal) will be removed from the "Available for Work List".  Applicant must then re-register in person after being rolled off of the "Available for Work List."

2.     Registrants will be assessed a refusal when:

a)    a job assignment is offered by the Business Manager, referral agent or designee and refused;

b)    they cannot be reached during normal dispatch hours to respond to a job assignment which would have been offered them (see Section 2

     Item 3).

Section 4 – Exceptions to Refusals

1.          Military Duty with official documentation presented before service will not result in a turn down.

2.          Registrants on the out-of-work list who are on maternity leave, union business or jury duty who have provided approved documentation will retain their place on the referral list until appropriate release from the proper authority.

Section 5 – Additional Short Call Referral Procedures and Rules

1.   When an applicant registers on the out-of-work list, they will be placed on the short-call list.

      2.     A short-call will be any job of (14) fourteen calendar days or less.

3.       When an registrant is referred to a short-term call, they will be required to return

to the Local 41 Union Hall and resign the short-term list at the end of the call. 

Registrants must return in (14) fourteen calendar days.

4.          If an registrant is working off the short-call list and their name comes up for a

a long-term job, they will not be offered a long-term job until they return from

the short call job.  No refusal will be charged.

5.          Short-term jobs will be offered from the short-term list in sequence from top to

bottom.  When all short-term jobs are filled for the day, the next day's short-

term calls, if any, will proceed from where the last call was filled.  (i.e.100 men on the list, number 10 filled the last short call, the next day's short-call will start at number 11).

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